Circle Universe FAQ (Contains Spoilers)

Warning: This page may contain spoilers for books set in the Circle Universe.

General Questions

Character Questions

General Questions

What is the future of the Circle Universe? When will you write the book about Tris at Lightsbridge?

The answer to this question will probably disappoint you. The future of the Circle Universe depends on Scholastic, as the rights holders, not me. And, unfortunately, I don’t think Scholastic is interested in future books. We’ll have to see. I still owe them one.


Why aren’t there any audios for the last two books in The Circle Opens? Do you know when they will be recorded and released?

Bruce Coville’s Full Cast Audio is looking into producing the last two books of The Circle Opens series (Cold Fire and Shatterglass). It’s still a long ways off. Some major parts need to be recast, since those who did the original voices have either inconveniently grown up or moved away.

The unfortunate truth is, there’s a desire to do them, but right now there isn’t the money. At this time, I can’t give any timeline for this project. Here’s some background on why the project’s stalled.


Regarding continuity and Briar, Evvy, and Rosethorn

After Briar, Evvy, and Rosethorn leave Chammur in Street Magic, they got to Yanjing, and after that, Gyongxe, first home of the Living Circle temples, where they are caught up in the trauma of conquest on a grand scale. Those events are the subject of Battle Magic.

Once Briar, Evvy, and Rosethorn return to Emelan, Briar goes to Namorn with Sandry, Daja, and Tris in The Will of the Empress. Evvy lives at Discipline. When Rosethorn is called to investigate tree die-off on one of the Battle Islands, she takes Evvy with her. What happens then is the subject of Melting Stones, the first book about any of the four’s students.

I hope that straightens out the time line. The time line goes:

  1. Yanjing
  2. Summersea
  3. Namorn and Battle Islands

The Will of the Empress and Melting Stones happen roughly in the same time period.


Character Questions

How did Rosethorn and Lark get together?

A coughing sickness broke out in the Mire, and the people who were taking care of the sick were overwhelmed. Lark was living there at the time, and she came to help. She got sick.

Rosethorn came to do medicines and noticed her. Even though Lark was sick, she would do her best to tumble for the children who were sick, until she wasn’t able to any more. Rosethorn liked her. She’d look in on her when Lark was in bed, and bring Lark’s share of medicine. She could feel the pull of Lark’s magic, and as Lark began to mend, Rosethorn asked if Lark had ever been examined for magic. Lark laughed and told her not to be ridiculous.

One day, Rosethorn came and Lark was gone. The caretakers told Rosethorn that Lark had felt well enough to go home. Rosethorn got a little panicky and asked where home was, and then went hunting for Lark. She finally found her in this dreadful little room, and the door was open. She was about to go in, but as she looked inside, Lark was holding her hand over a blanket on the chair and the threads were coming out of the blanket and rising up to wrap around her hand.

Rosethorn asked her again why she never studied magic, and Lark said “I couldn’t afford it.” And Rosethorn said, “Well, you can now.”

They’ve been together seven or eight years by now, I think.


What do you think Evvy’s future will be like?

Hmm… I think it’s going to be amazing. She becomes a dedicate, but she’ll also pursue her love of stone and her ability to work with them, including helping during times of avalanche, earthquake, and building collapse. She has no interest in finding a romantic partner of any kind. She may experiment, but it probably won’t go far. I don’t think people are ever as real to her as her stones are, though Briar and Rosethorn are an exception, obviously.


What are the Emelan kids going to get up to in adulthood?

Well, they haven’t made an association thing of it, but that’s effectively what they do. They go traveling to gather materials, to visit friends. Daja periodically goes out with Traders just to keep her hand in. Briar and Rosethorn go looking for new plants. Lark and Sandry, when Sandry can get away, go to trade fairs. Tris stays pretty close to home unless she’s summoned away for some reason. Every now and then she’ll go to Lightsbridge to teach, but her life at home keeps her pretty busy.

They’re based in Summersea. They teach there and in city schools, and whenever they feel the itch they go wandering. Or when someone calls for their particular skills.