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To my family, kinfolk, friends, fans, business associates, cohorts, and co-habitors of this planet we love, even if it gets weird on us sometimes:

please accept my heartfelt wishes for peace, comfort, knowledge, health, friendship, animal friends, restoration, forgiveness, cooperation, and healing for humankind, for animal kind, and for this poor old planet that has given so much, and received so much abuse.

Let us treat family, friends, employers, employees, the poor, rivals, old enemies, and total strangers with respect, patience, and hearing.  For those of determined hate, viciousness, greed, indifference, brutality, and lack of consideration–let us turn our backs and ignore them.  Let us forget any important position they think they have.  Let us put a stop to their violence and exile them to their own petty enclaves where they may gnaw on their own entrails–or change.

If they change, and people do, let us welcome them back into humanity.

Let us abandon our bigotries and hatreds.  Let us give and not take.  Let us be kind, not cruel.

We may be slow, but we can learn.  I’m willing to try.