Business & Media Rights

Do not contact the business account or any other accounts associated with Tamora Pierce LLC in order to request ad space or sponsored link placement. We do not provide these services, and any request for them will be ignored.

Tammy’s agent, Emily van Beek, can be reached at


Who currently holds the option on the Tortall and Circle universes?

As of 7/15/2016, Tammy holds all option rights to both universes.


Who holds the rights to graphic novel and/or comic production?

Penguin Random House Children’s Books is working on a graphic novel adaptation of the Protector of the Small series. Rights to other series or universes would be negotiated with the publishers of the individual series.


Video game production?

Tammy currently holds all rights to option her series/universes. Her characters and settings cannot be used in video game development without negotiation through her legal representatives.


Where do I send rights and production queries?

All initial rights and production queries should be sent to the business email address, where Tammy’s assistant can provide the appropriate contact information.


I would like to invite Tammy to appear at a convention/conference/retreat/etc.

Please do, but keep in mind that her schedule often starts filling up over a year in advance. If you’re interested in having her at your event, please plan accordingly, as she probably will not be available if you inquire less than six months before the date.


I’m not sure my question is business-related….

If your question falls into one of the following categories:

  • Appearance requests or inquiries about Tammy’s availability
  • Requests from small bookstores
  • Convention invitations or GoH invitations
  • Interview requests for professional sources, magazines, etc
  • Inquiries for charity events
  • Inquiries from teachers

…please get in touch using

We do not accept solicitations from reviewers or book blogs looking for ARC or review copies of Tammy’s work. Please contact Tammy’s publishers to make arrangements.