Links of Interest

Sheroes Central: A discussion board I originated about female heroes.

New Moon Girls: A site for girls and women with minds of their own. I wish these people had been around when I was growing up!

Teen Ink: A magazine with articles, poems, stories, illustrations, and photos done by teens of both sexes. A place to get your own work published and to discover you aren’t the only one with these thoughts.

Teen Voices: Articles by teen and young adult women, an antidote to all those glossy magazines which seem to think we only care about makeup, diets, and guys. When you’re tired of being treated like a brainless fashion monkey, check these folks out.

The Devil’s Panties: An autobiographical webcomic by cartoonist (and Tamora Pierce fan) Jennie Breeden. Support Jennie by going to your local comic book store and requesting they order The Devil’s Panties, or order online via Amazon.

Joe Bob Briggs: As a longtime fan of journalist, humorist, and “drive-in movie reviewer” John Bloom, a.k.a. Joe Bob Briggs, I would like to ask all Joe Bob fans to go and read some of his articles—they’re hilarious! (NOT for younger kids!)

Bruce Coville: The home page of Bruce Coville, writer, editor, storyteller, audio producer, entrepreneur and very cool guy, creator of the Magic Shop books, The Unicorn Chronicles, and books like My Teacher Is an Alien, I Was a Sixth Grade Alien, The Ghost Wore Gray, and I Left My Sneakers in Dimension X.

Princesses of Myth: Author Esther Friesner’s site, based on her novel series (Nobody’s Princess, Sphinx’s Queen) published by Random House

Sharyn November: Writer and editor Sharyn November’s very cool page about books and publishing for teenagers and adults, rock music, and whatever else comes to mind.

Full Cast Audio: Bruce Coville’s audio book company, which has released the Circle of Magic audios with actors reading the different characters (including Bruce himself as Niko, my beloved Spouse-Creature Tim as Dedicate Crane, and yours truly as narrator). They’ve also recorded both The Immortals and The Circle Reforged quartets, as well as novels by many authors, including William Shakespeare (Shakespeare’s Greatest Hits, Vol. 1).

Pullman. Paolini. Pierce. Podcast: A conversation with Philip Pullman, Christopher Paolini, and Tamora Pierce as they discuss writing, their influences, and more in these podcasts.

The Jane Austen Centre: A British association dedicated to writer Jane Austen (Pride and PrejudiceEmma) and the lifestyle of the Regency Era (1811 – 1820 in England) in general.

Books of Wonder: The online site for my favorite bookstore in the whole world. Not only do they have current fantasy and children’s literature, but they also have first print editions for the collectors among us, and original art work for sale.

Genrefluent: Diana Tixier Herald’s overview of all kinds of books in all kinds of genres (fantasy, science fiction, mystery, romance). Looking for a good read? Check out this site.


Penguin Random House: Penguin Random House is the U.S. publisher of the Tortall books. They have assorted biographical material about yours truly.

Scholastic Books: Publisher of The Circle of Magic quartet and The Circle Opens quartet, they who also give you Scholastic Reading Clubs (formerly Book Clubs)!

Firebird: A fantasy novel imprint published by Penguin. Firebird publishes crossover fantasy to appeal to teens and to adults. It’s my bud Sharyn November’s baby, and she’s got a majorly impressive list of writers for Firebird, including Nancy Springer, Nancy Farmer, Lloyd Alexander, and David Clement-Davies.

Forlaget Tellerup: My beloved Danish publisher.

Arena Verlag: The online presence for my German language publisher.


Alpha Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror Workshop for Young Writers: Alpha has an annual fundraiser for its scholarship fund, and Tamora Pierce requests that that you donate—donation levels offer premiums like copies of the Alphanology, photos of the Waffle Tower, and thank-you notes from the students.

American Friends Service Committee: A wonderful, peaceful organization that brings food, medical, and educational aid to the world’s poor, in addition to standing up for humanitarian issues here and abroad.

Amnesty International: Defending the rights of dissidents and the wrongfully imprisoned all over the world—including within the United States—lobbying, protesting, and bringing to the public eye the cases of people who might otherwise be forgotten in someone’s jail.

American Civil Liberties Union: You may not agree with everyone they defend, in the courts and in the media, but these are the people who are trying to make sure that no one cuts up the American Bill of Rights and turns it into paper dolls. They defend anyone’s right to free speech. In a time when our government seems determined to forget that particular amendment to the Bill of Rights was ever written, we need to support these people and to speak out ourselves.

Electronic Frontiers Foundation: A not-for-profit organization devoted to the civil liberties of those online. Tim’s a member.

The International Wolf Center of Ely, Minnesota: It’s going to come as a tremendous shock to everyone, I know, but I am very pro-wolf and pro-wildlife. These are good people who have contributed a lot to both the study of wolf behavior and to preserving wolves all over the world. A progressive organizing and advocacy group dedicated to “Democracy in Action” in the United States.