Tortall Timeline

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While most of the information comes directly from the book, there is also supplementary information from Tamora Pierce’s various online interviews, book signings, fan email and the forum at Sheroes.


250 B.H.E – 199 H.E. | 200 H.E. – 399 H.E. | 400 H.E. – 449 H.E. | 450 H.E. – 465 H.E.


211 B.H.E.

[2] [3]

  • Tortall becomes a sovereign nation.
  • Creation of the Book of Gold.

41 B.H.E.

  • Creation of the Book of Silver.

127 H.E.

  • The Provost’s Guard is created by King Baird III of Tortall.
  • Padraig of haMinch serves as the first Lord Provost from 127 – 143.[4]


  • Prior to this date, Queen Imiary VI is overthrown after a twelve-year reign of the Copper Isles, by Queen Dilsubai, the last native Kyprish ruler.
  • April: Rittevon of Lenman (a Marenite) begins his conquest of the Copper Isles.


  • Provost slang becomes popular: “Dogs,” “Puppy,” “Growl,” “Kennel,” etc.


  • June: Rittevon is crowned ruler of the Copper Isles after the final battle on the Plain of Sorrows (where 1/3 of the Kyprish warriors are female).


  • The crown has the breakwater built in Port Caynn.


  • Kyprioth’s Prophecy (concerning the raka and the Copper Isles) is recorded.


  • Creation of the Book of Copper.[5]


  • Rosto the Piper is born. (?)[6]


  • Aniki Forfrysning is born. (?)


  • Ersken Westover is born.


  • Rebakah Cooper is born.


  • Diona Cooper is born.


  • Lorine Cooper is born.


  • Willes Cooper is born.


  • Nilo Cooper is born.


  • Pearl Skinner’s father falls into the sewers and drowns, along with his wife and two oldest sons – at different times, in different sewers.


  • Lord Gershom hobbles the Bold Brass with Beka’s help. He takes her family in and begins teaching Beka about Provost-work.


  • November 13: Beka is taken to her grandmother to determine if she’s mad; Beka learns she has the Air Gift.


  • Pounce comes to Beka.
  • The Sweating Sickness kills Sir Lionel of Trebond’s oldest son.


  • February 1 (“Firefall”): Colum Painter is abducted by the Shadow Snake (first victim).
  • The Shadow Snake begins taking children in the Lower City.
  • Tansy marries Herun Lofts.
  • Roland Lofts is born.


  • Beka fancies herself in love with Nestor of Haryse.
  • Ilony Cooper dies of lung-rot.
  • January 22: A girl is abducted from near Glassmen Square by the Shadow Snake.
  • Pearl Skinner leaves pearls by the pillows of Sir Lionel’s children in Port Caynn; he sends them (and his wife) home to live at Trebond.
  • August 31: A boy is abducted from Festivity Lane by the Shadow Snake.
  • November 13: Lord Gershom tells Goodwin and Tunstall about Beka’s help in hobbling the Bold Brass.


  • King Roger III marries Queen Jessamine.[7]
  • December-ish: Tansy becomes pregnant.
  • December 5: A girl is abducted from Dragon Mews by the Shadow Snake.


  • Queen Jessamine gives birth to a son.
  • February 13: A girl is abducted from Mulberry Street by the Shadow Snake.
  • April 1: Beka begins her first day of duty as a Puppy; is assigned to Goodwin and Tunstall.
  • April 2:
    • Ammon Lofts (“Crookshank”) accuses Kayfer Deerborn, King of the Rogue, of killing his great-grandson and attempts to kill him.
    • Beka makes her first significant catch as a puppy: Orva Ashmiller, a drunk who beats her own husband and children.
  • April 3: Kayfer sets fire to Crookshank’s home.
  • April 4: Beka raids an illegal slave auction.[8]
  • April 6: Beka’s first appearance in Magisterial Court.
  • April 7: Beka has her first run-in with Yates Noll.
  • April 19: Kora bewitches a woman to confess her crime of killing her child.[9]
  • April 21: Ulsa pays two brothers to kill Rosto; he kills them in combat.
  • April 29: Ersken and Kora begin their relationship.
  • April 30 (Beltane): Verene gets killed on duty, as well as her Dog, Rollo.[10]
  • May 1:
    • Burial for Rollo and Verene.
    • Hiylard leaves the Provost’s Dogs.
    • Beka and her Dogs break up another illegal slave auction.
    • Phelan quits the Provost’s Dogs because Verene’s Dogs were drunk when she was killed.
  • May 7:
    • Herun Lofts goes missing; Crookshank blames Kayfer.
    • Gunnar Epeksra captures Annis and Tansy at Crookshank’s house.
    • Gunnar is killed after he is captured and taken to the cages.
  • May 8: The Dog who was paid to kill Gunnar is killed.
  • May 9: Beka takes in the Ashmiller kids and Tansy Lofts.
  • May 10:
    • Beka asks Rosto to tail Yates.
    • Beka, Aniki, Berryman, and Goodman stake out Crookshank’s foremen collecting wages.
    • Beka and Co. follow a worker to the digging site.
    • Beka and Co. rescue diggers and capture Vrinday Kayu.
    • Jack Ashmiller decides to train as a Dog.
    • Kayfer has Fulk killed.
    • Rosto kills Kayfer and becomes the new King of the Rogue in Corus.
  • May 11:
    • Four dead found at Crookshank’s house.
    • Beka and Ersken are called for riot duty.
    • Beka, Goodwin, Tunstall, and Ersken leave riot duty to follow up on Rosto’s lead on Yates.
    • Yates commits suicide.
    • Beka and Co. rescue Heron Lofts.
    • Crookshank’s house is set afire; he dies.
    • Beka capture Mistress Noll.
  • May 13:
    • King Roger proclaims martial law in the city.
    • Jack Ashmiller and his children leave Beka’s home.
  • May 14:
    • Trial for Mistress Noll and the Shadow Snake Gang.
    • All are condemned to execution except Gemma, who is banned from the city.
    • Vrinday Kayu commits suicide in the mages’ prison.
  • Midwinter: Kora gives Beka a spelled mirror.


  • April: Beka is made a full Dog; Goodwin and Tunstall give her a pair of gloves that prevents mages from tracing her presence from the things she touches.
  • May: Beka witnesses people in flames jumping from a burning building in the Cesspool.
  • August: Beka hobbles Kevin Pell; one week later he’s sentenced to northern road crews.
  • September 6:
    • Ahuda threatens to send Beka back to Puppy training.
    • Silsbee tells Beka he’s requesting a new partner.
  • September 7:
    • Tansy accidentally passes a cole (counterfeit silver).
    • Beka gets teamed up with Goodwin and Tunstall again.
    • Beka finds a gambler with coles who cites gaming with a Port Caynn gambler.
  • September 8:
    • Beka and Tunstall discover that the baker, Garnett, has been passing the coles he received.
    • Beka finds Ercole Hempstead, a drunk senior guardsman, striking Achoo with her own leash.
    • Beka learns from her cousin Philben that he got his coles while unloading and transporting merchandise from The Merry Molly.
    • Ortho Urtiz tells Beka he got his coles from gambling with a Port Caynn fellow, and upon learning they were fake, purchased a slave with the false money; notes that the gambler was named Hanse Remy.
    • A riot erupts when Two for One doubles the price of their bread loaves.
    • Beka meets Dale Rowan, Steen, and Hanse during the riot.
    • Tunstall gets both of his legs broken.
    • Nightmarket is closed until further notice from the crown.
  • September 9: Phelan teaches Beka commands for Achoo.
  • September 10: Beka is assaulted outside her home by Madon and Geraint Pell.
  • September 11: Rosto takes his revenge on the Pells.
  • September 12:
    • Goodwin and Bea are given the assignment to travel to Port Caynn in order to investigate the situation regarding coles.
    • Pounce leaves Beka in order to handle some other constellations.
  • September 14:
    • Beka and Goodwin leave for Port Caynn.
    • They meet Sir Lionel of Trebond, Watch Commander for all of Port Caynn.
  • September 15:
    • Beka witnesses a pickpocket exchanging purses to get coles in the mainstream; she tries to make an arrest.
    • Goodwin asks Master Isanz Finer to trace the silver’s source.
    • Pearl Skinner has her rushers bring Beka and Goodwin to her so she can question them.
    • Beka and Goodwin go to supper at the Merman’s Cave, then go to The Waterlily (a gambling house) with Hanse Remy, Dale Rowan, and their crowd.
    • Dale teaches Goodwin how to play Gambler’s Chance.
  • September 16:
    • Serenity blinds two spies of the Court of the Rogue when they come to Ladyshearth Lodgings in the night.
    • Vana asks Goodwin and Beka to help find her missing daughter; Achoo traces the scent to a cart with a locked box full of seven children.
    • Sir Lionel decides not to go after the guild banks for hiding their knowledge of coles, because it will incite panic.
  • September 17:
    • Beka questions a rat who is being tortured by Cage Dogs; finds out that Steen Bolter is buying up brass for Pearl Skinner.
    • Hanse tells his crew that they’re going to Arenaver instead of Port Legann.
    • Goodwin decides that she needs to go back to Corus to get reinforcements.
  • September 18:
    • Master Isanz says the silver is from Arenaver near Barony Olau.
    • Beka buys a pregnancy charm and spends the night with Dale Rowan.
  • September 19:
    • Master Isanz’s grand-daughter, Merand, tells Beka that her grandfather, uncles, and aunts have been taken by Dogs and charged with colemongering.
    • Master Isanz Finer’s heart fails en route to the Kennels.
    • Beka goes to Sir Lionel and asks for the release of the Finer family.
      • Sir Lionel attacks Beka with magic when she insults him, freezing her and then inflicting sharp pain repeatedly.
      • Sir Lionel tells Ives, another Dog, that Beka has committed crimes against the realm and instructs Ives to escort her to Rattery Prison and have her dumped in a coffin cell.
      • Sergeant Axman rescues Beka with five other Dogs and Achoo.
    • Beka goes to the Court of the Rogue and lies to Pearl about her interaction with Sir Lionel.
    • Fair Flory confronts Pearl about bread supplies.
    • Beka learns that Steen and his crew were taken to the cages for transporting illegal silver; Pearl sends Zolaika to kill them.
    • Ives tells Pearl that Beka accused her of colemongering to Sir Lionel.
    • Beka flees the Court of the Rogue.
    • Two young rats rescue Beka; she pays them to show her where Pearl’s stockpiles of silver are, as well as one of Pearl’s changing rooms, so she can steal scent-clothes.
    • Beka runs to the Waterlily and hides with Ohka.
  • September 21:
    • Nestor and Beka take Dogs to Pearl’s colesmithing room.
    • Hanse’s and Steen’s dead souls speak to Beka, revealing Hanse’s intent to ruin Tortall with coles as payback for getting thrown out of the army.
    • Corus Dogs, mages, and magistrates arrive in Port Caynn.
    • Serenity and the Daughters of the Goddess offer help to Lord Gershom in raiding Pearl’s court.
    • During the raid, Pearl runs off, and Lord Gershom and Fair Flory rouse the rats against Pearl.
    • Slapper (and Hanse) attack Jurji, who is disguised as a Dog with two other rats.
    • Jurji kills Slapper before running off; Beka and Achoo pursue.
    • Jupp assists Beka in killing several rats; he decided to turn against Pearl.
      • He gives Beka a pearl tooth to assist in following her scent.
      • Jupp runs off, and Beka says she will hobble him if they meet again.
    • Nestor, Goodwin, Ersken, and Birch catch up with Beka and assist in finding Pearl, Jurji, and Zolaika attempting to book passage to the Yamani Islands.
    • Beka chases Pearl into the sewers; she and Goodwin manage to hobble her as the tide comes in.
  • September 25:
    • After several days of healing, Beka wakes to find Pounce returned to her.
    • Dale breaks off his romance with Beka, blaming the distance.
  • September 26:
    • Lord Gershom and his Dogs head back to Corus.
    • Goodwin tells Beka that she will be taking Ahuda’s job as Desk Sergeant, since Ahuda will be moving to Flash District.


  • The Laurin Conquest: New Rulers in the Copper Isles, by Michabur Durse of Queenscove, is published.


  • The nation of Barzun is conquered by Tortall during the reign of King Jasson III.


  • George Cooper is born (canonical date).[11]


  • Roger of Conte is born.[12]


  • Liam Ironarm is born.


  • Eleni Cooper tells George the story of Beka Cooper after his own run-in with local authorities.


  • The Battle of Joyous Forest: Coram Smythesson saves Gareth of Naxen.


  • George Cooper is born (more accurate date).


  • Ralon of Malven is born.[13]
  • Gareth (the Younger) of Naxen is born.
  • Raoul of Goldenlake is born.
  • Alexander of Tirragen is born.
  • Francis of Nond is born. (?)


  • August: Prince Jonathan of Conté is born.[14]


  • May: Thom and Alanna of Trebond are born.[15]
  • Thayet jian Wilima is born.[16]
  • Sacherell of Wellam is born. (?)
  • Douglass of Veldine is born. (?)
  • Geoffrey of Meron is born. (?)


  • Arram Draper (later Numair Salmalin) is born.[17]



Late Winter/Spring:

  • January-ish (at the latest): George Cooper becomes the King of the Rogue.
  • March (at the latest): Thom and Alanna switch places and head to the City of the Gods and the Palace (respectively) for training.
    • Alanna sees slaved in Corus.[18]
    • Ralon picks on Alanna.
    • Ralon has already been forbidden to speak to the prince.
    • Douglass of Veldine is already a page in the palace.
    • Gary agrees to sponsor “Alan.”
  • May: Alanna and Thom turn eleven.
  • Alanna and Gary meet George in the city.



  • Ralon bullies Alanna (physically) for the first time since spring.
  • Ralon breaks Alanna’s arm.
  • Alanna’s arm is completely healed by mid-October.
  • December: Alanna defeats Ralon shortly before Midwinter.
  • Midwinter: Gary, Raoul, Alex, and other 14-year-olds are made squires.[19]



Late Winter/Spring:

  • March: The Sweating Sickness reaches Tortall.
  • Francis of Nond dies.
  • Alanna saves Jon’s life; Myles guesses Alanna’s secret.
  • Trip to Port Caynn (sometime in the Spring); Alanna begins binding her chest.
  • May: Alanna and Thom turn twelve.



  • Alanna refuses to bathe with the boys and gets teased by friends.
  • August: Roger arrives.
  • Fall: Alanna introduces Jon to George, and they purchase Moonlight and Darkness.
  • The four youngest pages (Alanna, Geoffrey, Sacherell, Douglass) begin their fencing lessons.



Late Winter/Spring:

  • Alanna and Sacherell duel; Sacherell trounces her.
  • May 5:
    • Alanna has her first period.
    • Her secret is revealed to George.
    • She meets Eleni Cooper for the first time.
  • Alanna and Thom turn thirteen.



  • June/July: Alanna is restricted to the palace (still).
  • Trip to Barony Olau with Sir Myles; Alanna obtains Lightning.
  • Winter: Jon befriends City Folk; Alex becomes Roger’s squire.[20]




  • Gary, Raoul, and Alex have “reached their eighteenth birthdays”… Jon is noted to be turning seventeen within the year.[21]
  • April:
    • Lord Martin arrives from Persopolis.
    • Alanna duels with Geoffrey and wins.
    • Trip to Fief Meron and the Black City.
      • The squires (and Alanna) meet Ali Mukhtab.
      • Jon expresses interest in Bazhir history.
      • Jon and Alanna defeat the Ysandir.
      • Jon learns that Alanna is a girl.
  • May: Alanna and Thom turn fourteen (between Alanna: The First Adventure and In the Hand of the Goddess).


Summer/Autumn/Winter: [22]

  • Pages take a trip to Fief Naxen
  • Midwinter:
    • Raoul of Goldenlake passes his Ordeal of Knighthood.
    • Gareth (the Younger ) of Naxen passes his Ordeal of Knighthood.
    • Alexander of Tirragen passes his Ordeal of Knighthood.
    • Prince Jonathan of Conté passes his Ordeal of Knighthood.
  • Alanna becomes Jon’s squire.
  • Geoffrey becomes Alex’s squire.
  • Sacherell and Douglass are made Gary’s and Raoul’s squires.[23]



Late Winter/Spring:

  • Lord Alan dies.[24]
    • Thom becomes Lord of Trebond.
    • Coram returns to Trebond.
  • Alanna meets the Goddess and finds Faithful.[25]
  • May: Alanna and Thom turn fifteen



  • July:
    • Tusaine embassy arrives.
    • Alanna duels with Dain of Melor and wins.[26]
  • Roger begins doubting “Alan” and sends people to keep an eye on Thom.
  • August:
    • Alanna’s first kiss (from George).
    • Jon turns nineteen.[27]
    • Delia of Eldorne is introduced to the court.
  • At some point during this year, Adigun jin Wilima becomes the leader of Sarain.



Late Winter/Spring:

  • January: The squires have to camp out in the Royal Forest; a boar attacks Alanna.
  • Gary and Raoul fight a duel over one of Delia’s riding gloves.
  • Gary and Raoul (and Douglass and Sacherell) leave on border patrol.
  • March: Alex and Alanna duel; Alex nearly kills Alanna.
  • April: George gives Alanna information about Tusaine.
  • King Roald sends out a Call to Muster.
  • George propositions Alanna for the first time.
  • Alanna and Co. fight in the war against Tusaine.
    • Jon kisses Alanna.
    • Roger confronts Alanna.
    • Alanna gets captured.
    • Jon defies the king to lead a rescue mission.
  • May: Alanna and Thom turn sixteen.



  • August: A peace treaty with Tusaine is signed; the army returns to Corus.
  • Alanna appeals to Eleni Cooper to teach her about women’s clothing and such.



  • The palace hunts for Demon Grey, who attacks Alanna.




  • Late January: Veralidaine Sarrasri is born in Galla.[28]
  • May:
    • Alanna and Thom turn seventeen.
    • Alanna and Jon become lovers.



  • October: Queen Lianne falls ill again.
  • December: Alanna and Myles discuss Duke Roger.
  • Quite likely, Uline of Hannaloff is born during this year.




  • March:
    • Alanna decides to visit Thom.
    • Alanna and George (vaguely) discuss her relationship with Jon.
  • Around this time, Dusan zhir Anduo tries to overthrow Adigun jin Wilima for the Saren throne.
  • April:
    • George and Alanna travel to the City of the Gods.
    • Thom has become a Master.
    • George is nearly killed on the way home.
  • May: Alanna and Thom turn eighteen; Alanna is properly outfitted.



  • Alanna confesses her identity to Gary (“soon after her birthday”).
  • October-ish: Civil war begins in Sarain.
  • December:
    • Midwinter: Alanna passes her Ordeal of Knighthood.
    • 2nd Feast of Midwinter:
      • Alanna duels with Duke Roger.
      • Alanna’s identity is revealed to the Court.
      • Alanna wins; Roger dies.
    • Presumably, Douglass of Veldine, Geoffrey of Meron, and Sacherell of Wellam pass their Ordeals of Knighthood.[29]



Early Winter/Spring/Summer:

  • New Year’s Day: Alanna and Coram head south.
  • Lightning is damaged; Alanna finds the crystal sword.
  • Gammal and Alanna confirm that it has been six years since the defeat of the Ysandir.[30]
  • Alanna and Coram become part of the Bloody Hawk Bazhir tribe.
  • Ali Mukhtab arrives at the Bloody Hawk camp.
    • Mukhtab reveals himself to Alanna as the Voice of the Tribes.
    • He brings a written history of the Bazhir for Jonathan.
  • Coram rides north to fetch Jonathan.
  • Akhnan Ibn Nazzir tries to kill Alanna with the crystal sword.
    • Alanna kills him and takes the sword.
    • She (unwillingly) becomes the tribe’s shaman.
  • Alanna begins training Kara, Kourrem, and Ishak as apprentices.
  • Alanna learns weaving.
  • March (?): Coram returns.
  • Shaman-apprentices have their first battle.
  • Ishak kills himself with the crystal sword.
  • A week later, the “shaman school” begins when other shaman visit the Bloody Hawk.
  • Myles and Jon arrive.[31]
  • Jon proposes marriage; Myles proposes adoption.
  • Jon passes his trial-by-combat and becomes a Bazhir.
  • Alanna has her adoption ceremony with Myles; Kara and Kourrem are among the seven witnesses – a first for Bazhir women.
  • The night of the full moon: Kara and Kourrem pass the Rite of Shamans.
  • Fifteen days later (at the new moon):
    • Jon becomes the voice of the Tribes.
    • Ali Mukhtab dies.
  • Jon and Alanna fight. Myles and Jon leave for Corus.
  • Alanna and Coram travel to Port Caynn to visit George.
    • Coram meets Rispah.
  • At some point in the spring, Kalasin commits suicide.
  • May: Alanna and Thom turn nineteen.
  • August or September: Nealan of Queenscove is born.[32]



  • Alanna and George become lovers.
  • Thom resurrects Duke Roger.
  • December (a week after Midwinter ends):
    • Alanna plans on heading south.
    • A maid attempts to poison them all.
  • George leaves for Corus.



Early Winter/Spring:

  • King Roald introduces Page Examinations.
  • January: Alanna and Coram travel south, one week after George leaves.
  • After arriving at the Bloody Hawk’s camp, Alanna comments on her one-year anniversary of becoming a knight having been six days ago.[33]
  • Halef Seif sends Alanna to Lake Tirragen, to help the Sorceress of Alois.
  • Five days later, before dying, the sorceress gives Alanna the map to the Dominion Jewel and the spell to fix Lightning.
  • March:
    • Alanna and Coram show up in Berat to find Nahom Jendrai.
    • Alanna meets Liam Ironarm.
    • The Goddess comes to Alanna again.
    • Queen Lianne dies.
    • King Roald dies in a hunting “accident” three weeks later.
  • April: King Barnesh of Meron hosts a great tournament.[34]
  • Alanna, Coram, and Liam head out of Maren in the spring.
    • Liam begins teaching Shang fighting to Alanna.
    • Alanna and Liam become lovers.
  • Alanna meets Thayet jian Wilima and Buriram Tourakom and escorts them (and the children with them) to Racchia.
  • April/May (?): Great Market Riot in Corus.
  • May:
    • Alanna’s traveling company passes Saren’s eastern border and head to the Roof of the World.
    • A Doi Seer tells the party their futures.
    • Alanna obtains the Dominion Jewel.
    • Liam and Alanna end their relationship.
    • At some point, she and Thom turn twenty.
  • Raoul meets up with Alanna and they all travel back to Tortall.
  • Alanna is made the King’s Champion, sixty days before the coronation (and two days after her return to Tortall).
  • June: Beltane.[35]
    • Jon pardons George and grants him nobility.
    • Alanna has her last meeting with the Goddess and meets the other Gods.
  • June/July: Master Si-cham comes to Corus to help Thom.
  • July: The day of the full moon.
    • Jonathan is crowned King of Tortall.
    • Lord Thom of Trebond dies.
    • Ralon of Malven (aka Claw) is killed in combat.
    • Master Si-cham is murdered.
    • Faithful is killed in combat.
    • Princess Josiane of the Copper Isles is killed in combat.
    • Lord Alexander of Tirragen is killed in combat.[36]
    • Duke Roger of Conté is killed.
    • Liam Ironarm is killed in combat.
    • Duke Gareth of Naxen suffers a heart attack.



    • Famine in Tortall, as a result of the use of the Dominion Jewel.[37]
    • October (second week):
      • Buri and Thayet visit Alanna.
      • Alanna gives Thayet and Jonathan her blessing.
    • The Wildcat (Eda Bell) brings Liam’s letter to Alanna.
    • King Jonathan announces his engagement to Princess Thayet.
    • George proposes; Alanna accepts.[38]


  • Education becomes available to all Tortallans; schools are opened throughout the realm.
  • Prince Roald of Conté is born.
  • Maura of Dunlath is born.
  • Joren of Stone Mountain is born.
  • Cleon of Kennan is born.
  • Vinson of Genlith is born.
  • Balduin of Disart is born.
  • Zahir ibn Alhaz is born.
  • Garvey of Runnerspring is born.
  • Arram Draper begins “canoodling.”


  • Princess Kalasin of Conté is born.
  • Faleron of King’s Reach is born.
  • Yukimi noh Daiomoru is born.


  • King Jonathan and Queen Thayet proclaim that girls can train for knighthood.
  • Ozorne is crowned emperor of Carthak.
  • Thayet establishes the Queen’s Riders.
  • Keladry of Mindelan is born in June.
  • Merric of Hollyrose is born.
  • Seaver of Tasride is born.
  • Quinden of Marti’s Hill is born.
  • Lord Wyldon of Cavall takes the position of page training master.


  • Prince Liam of Conté is born.[39]
  • Thom of Pirate’s Swoop is born.
  • Owen of Jesslaw is born.
  • Prosper of Tamaran is born.
  • Teron of Blythdin is born.
  • Arram Draper flees Carthak; his name is changed to Numair Salmalin.


  • Prince Jasson of Conté is born.
  • Warric of Mandash is born.
  • Iden of Vikison Lake is born.


  • Princess Lianne of Conté is born.
  • Alan and Alianne of Pirate’s Swoop are born.[40]
  • Nealan of Queenscove begins fencing.


  • Princess Vania of Conté is born.[41]
  • Sairayu Balitang is born.
  • Conal of Mindelan hangs Kel over the edge of a balcony, inducing her fear of heights.
  • Baron Piers of Mindelan and his family go to the Yamani Islands, representing the crown.
  • Timon Greendale organizes the palace service.


  • Carthaki mages find the spells to open the Divine Realms (during the 8th year of King Jonathan’s reign).
  • Ilane of Mindelan saves Yamani relics (swords) from invading pirates.
  • Salma Aynnar joins the palace staff (while Conal of Mindelan is still training).
  • April: A page throws himself from the top of Balor’s Needle.
  • Sir Raoul is thrown from the saddles in a jousting match for the last time; he is defeated by Wyldon of Cavall (with whom he never tilts again).


  • Kel of Mindelan begins training on glaive.



Early Winter:

  • Daine’s family is attacked by bandits; Daine and the wolves kill the bandits.



  • March: Onua Chamtong meets (and hires) Daine at the Cria fair.
  • March Full Moon: Rider training begins.
  • Daine is visited by the Badger God for the first time.
  • Daine meets/rescues/heals Numair.
  • Lord Sinthya escapes to Carthak.
  • April:
    • Daine and Co. arrive in Corus.
    • Daine takes a job with the Riders and learns about her Wild Magic.
    • Stormwings attack the palace.
  • May:
    • King Jonathan rides on Progress.
    • Queen Thayet and her Riders move out for Pirate’s Swoop.
    • Daine begins learning how to heal animals.
    • Riders encounter griffins on the coast.
  • Pirate’s Swoop is surrounded by unmarked enemy armies and navy.
  • A dragon is called from the Divine Realms and loses its kit; Daine heals her.
  • Daine calls to the whales to ask for help; they refuse.
  • Daine calls to the Kraken; it agrees.
  • The dragon fights in the battle for Pirate’s Swoop and dies.
  • The Kraken destroys enemy forces while the Riders and guard destroy the armies.
  • Daine finds Skysong, the dragon’s kit.



Early Winter/Spring:

  • January: Daine turns fourteen.
  • The kudurang return to the Copper Islands.
  • Dovesary Balitang is born.
  • March: A Rider Group disappears.



  • July: Twenty soldiers disappear.
  • September: Daine and Numair go to the Long Lakes.
  • Daine refers to Tortall as a free nation.[42]
  • Daine learns of her ability to shape-shift.
  • Belden of Dunlath commits suicide.
  • Tristan Staghorn is turned into a tree.
  • Yolane of Dunlath is captured for plotting treason against the crown.
  • Maura of Dunlath inherits Yolane’s portion of Dunlath.
  • At some point, Sir Douglas of Veldine is assigned to be her knight guardian.



  • Autumn page training begins:
    • Prince Roald begins training as a page.
    • Cleon of Kennan begins training as a page.
    • Vinson of Genlith begins training as a page.
    • Joren of Stone Mountain begins training as a page.
    • Garvey of Runnerspring begins training as a page.
    • Zahir ibn Alhaz begins training as a page.



Early Winter/Spring:

  • January: Daine turns fifteen.
  • April: Edmund of Rosemark is late for page examination and is commanded to repeat all four years; he refuses.



  • King Jonathan sends an envoy to Carthak for peace treaties.
  • The Graveyard Hag gives Daine the ability to resurrect the dead.
  • Daine learns that her father is the god Weiryn.
  • Ozorne kidnaps Daine and has Numair (or his simulacrum) executed.
  • Daine brings dinosaurs back to life and destroys the Carthaki palace.
  • Ozorne turns himself into a Stormwing.
  • Lindhall Reed leaves Carthak and goes to Tortall.
  • Kaddar becomes the emperor of Carthak.
  • Autumn page training begins:
    • Faleron of King’s Reach begins training as a page.
    • Yancen of Irenroha begins training as a page.
    • Balduin of Disart begins training as a page.



  • December: Midwinter.
    • The barrier between the Realms of the Gods and the Mortals evaporates.
    • Numair realizes he’s in love with Daine.



Early Winter/Spring:

  • January: Daine turns sixteen.
  • Spring Thaw:
    • Daine and Numair protect the northern border and western coast from Carthaki rebels, Scanran raiders, Copper Islanders, and Immortals.
    • The Immortals War begins.
  • April:
    • Nealan of Queenscove begins training as a page.
    • Sir Raoul of Goldenlake is elevated to the peerage, becoming Lord Sir Raoul of Goldenlake and Malorie’s Peak.[43]



  • June:
    • Daine and Numair are plucked into the Divine Realms.
    • Daine meets the god Weiryn, the god Gainel, and some animal gods.
    • Daine falls victim to spidrens; Numair rescues her and confesses his love.
    • Daine and Numair attend a dragonmeet.
    • Battle of Port Legann: Rikash dies.
    • Daine kills Ozorne.
    • The gods punish Uusoae, decide the fate of the Immortals, and give Daine the decision to be fully mortal or a Lesser God.
    • At some point during the course of war, Queen Thayet hands command of the Queen’s Own over to Buriram Tourakom.
    • The Immortals War ends.
    • At some point during the war, Lord Wyldon rescues the younger princes and princess from hurrocks.[44]
  • The Mindelan family returns from the Yamani Islands.
  • Eda Bell (the Shang “Wildcat”) joins the palace training staff.



  • Keladry of Mindelan applies to become a page; Lord Wyldon and King Jonathan agree to put her on probation.
  • Kel fights a spidren and decides to train as a page despite the probation.
  • Autumn page training begins:
    • Keladry of Mindelan begins training as a page – sponsored by Neal.
    • Merric of Hollyrose begins training as a page – sponsored by Faleron.
    • Seaver of Tasride begins training as a page – sponsored by Prince Roald.
    • Esmond of Nicoline begins training as a page – sponsored by Cleon.
    • Quinden of Marti’s Hill begins training as a page – sponsored by Zahir.
  • Kel receives her first present from her mystery benefactor.



  • Kel has her first fight with Joren, Vinson, and Zahir; she is given Sunday afternoon armory duty and weekly essays until April.
  • Kel is late for waiting on Lord Wyldon and has to wait on him through January.



Early Winter/Spring:

  • Kel has her second fight with Joren and his cronies.
  • This winter is described as “the hardest in a decade.”
  • February: Pages go on an overnight hike.
  • The pages have their first all-out brawl (during training).
  • March: Lord Wyldon learns of Kel’s fear of heights.
  • April: Kel’s first page examination.



  • June: Pages go on a Royal Forest camping trip.
  • June: Kel turns eleven.
  • Late June: Spidren hunt with the King’s Own and Sir Raoul.
  • Lord Wyldon allows Kel to continue her training – her probation ends.



  • Kel rescues Jump and takes Lalasa Isran as a maid.
  • Autumn page training begins:
    • Owen of Jesslaw begins training as a page – sponsored by Prince Roald.
    • Prosper of Tamaran beings training as a page.
    • Teron of Blythdin begins training as a page.
  • Kel and Joren have their first conflict of the training year when Kel protects Owen.
  • Second all-out page brawl in the barn, after training.
  • November: Kel begins training Lalasa in self-defense.
  • Midwinter: Silent war between Joren’s group and Kel’s group during the banquet festivities.
  • At some point during this year, Princess Kalasin goes to live with the Countess of King’s Reach.



Early Winter/Spring:

  • February: Winter camping trip.
  • Pages taunt and serenade Neal because of his crush on Uline of Hannalof.
  • April:
    • Kel has her first monthly bleeding; is nearly late for the page examinations.
    • Joren, Vinson, Cleon, Garvey, Zahir, and Roald all become squires.
  • May:
    • Lord Imrah of Legann takes Roald as his squire.
    • Sir Inness of Mindelan takes Cleon as his squire.
    • King Jonathan of Conté takes Zahir as his squire.
    • Sir Paxton of Nond takes Joren as his squire.



  • June camping trip:
    • Kel and Co. defeat hill men.
    • Kel turns twelve.
  • Joren tries to make peace with Kel, but she doesn’t trust him.
  • Autumn page training begins:
    • Warric of Mandesh begins training as a page – sponsored by Merric.
    • Iden of Vikison Lake begins training as a page – sponsored by Owen.
  • Lord Wyldon begins teaching a Tactics & Strategies class for older pages.
  • Lalasa gets her first sewing commission; Kel meets Tianine Plowman.



  • Midwinter: Uline of Hannalof and Kieran ha Minch announce their betrothal.



Early Winter/Spring:

  • At some point in the year, Lady Sarugani Balitang dies in a riding accident.
  • March: Vinson attacks Lalasa.
  • April:
    • Page examinations.
    • Faleron and Yancen become squires.
    • Ragnal of Darroch faints during page examinations.



  • June:
    • Pages’ summer camping trip to fiefs Dunlath, Stone Mountain, and Aili.
    • Kel turns thirteen.
  • November: Pages camp overnight in the Royal Forest and do a battle-scenario exercise; the group Kel commands wins.
  • Southern clans of Scanra unite and elect Maggur Ratthausak to be their war leader.



Early Winter/Spring:

  • Queen Thayet commission a gown from Lalasa, giving her the money necessary to open a dress shop.
  • April: The Big Exams.
    • Lalasa is kidnapped; Kel rescues her, but misses her page examinations.
    • Merric, Neal, Esmond, and Quinden become squires.
    • Kel takes a make-up examination and becomes a squire.
  • April: Kel’s secret benefactor buys Peachblossom for her.



  • June: Kel turns fourteen.
  • Sir Raoul takes Kel as a squire.
  • Sir Alanna takes Neal as a squire.
  • Lalasa opens her own dressmaker’s shop.
  • Raoul provides Kel with a second mount, Hoshi.
  • Kel meets Domitan of Masbolle, sergeant of the King’s Own and cousin to Neal.
  • The Third Company of the King’s Owns captures bandits; Kel defeats a centaur.
  • Kel becomes the adoptive parent of a baby griffin.



  • Kel begins tilting with Raoul.[45]
  • The Yamani delegation arrives in Tortall with princess Shinkokami.
  • Winter:
    • Joren stands trial for paying men to kidnap Lalasa.
    • Kel confronts King Jonathan about legal system injustices.
    • Kel, Raoul, and Thayet press Jon to change a particular law, and Jon agrees.
  • Midwinter: Kel receives her first kiss from Cleon of Kennan.

457 [458]



Early Winter/Spring:

  • January: The Third Company escort ambassadors to and from Tyra.
  • February: The Third Company rids the Bay Cove area of pirates, with help from Baron George Cooper.
  • March: The Third Company travels south to stay with the Bazhir.
  • April:
    • The Third Company contains flooding in the Drell River basin region.
    • Owen of Jesslaw becomes a squire.
  • May: The Third Company returns to the Bazhir and then proceed to Corus, where the Great Progress has already begun.



  • June: Kel turns fifteen.
  • Kel jousts against Ansil of Groten in a tournament; she knocks him out of the saddle.
  • Kel jousts against Sir Voelden of Tirrsmont; he tries to run her through, but she perseveres and knocks him from the saddle.
  • The griffin’s parents come to reclaim their baby, with assistance from Daine.
  • Kel tilts with Lord Wyldon at a Fief Blythdin tournament; Wyldon throws her from the saddle.
  • Midwinter:
    • Cleon of Kennan passes his Ordeal of Knighthood.
    • Vinson of Genlith survives his Ordeal of Knighthood, only to confess his attacks on various women.
    • Joren threatens Kel directly for the first time since they were both pages.
    • Raoul and Buri become lovers.
    • Kel learns that Lalasa has been teaching self-defense to common-born girls in the city.
    • Joren of Stone Mountain dies in the Chamber of the Ordeal.
    • Lord Buchard of Stone Mountain attacks Kel and blames her for Joren and Vinson’s failed Ordeals.
    • Garvey of Runnerspring passes his Ordeal of Knighthood.
    • Presumably, Zahir ibn Alhaz passes his Ordeal of Knighthood.
    • Prince Roald of Conté passes his Ordeal of Knighthood.
    • Lord Wyldon resigns from his position as Training Master.
    • Paidrag haMinch is chosen as the new Training Master; Gareth (the Younger) of Naxen takes the interim position.
    • Lord Wyldon takes Owen as his squire.

458 [459]


Early Winter/Spring/Summer:

  • Petranne Balitang is born.
  • Landfall, of the Tortallan spy network, begins spying in Hamrkeng, Scanra.
  • The Progress stays in Persopolis; Crown and Freckle (Kel’s sparrows) die.
  • Bay Cove is struck by an earthquake; the Third Company manages refugees and rebuilds the town.
  • Spring: At the Blue Harbor tournament, Kel jousts with Wyldon and does not get thrown from the saddle.
  • June: The Progress goes to Mindelan; Kel turns seventeen.[47]
  • Troops are dispatched to the northern border.
  • Roald and Shinkokami take over the Progress (while Jon and Thayet inspect troops and such).
  • Jon and Thayet rejoin the Progress at General Vanget’s insistence.



  • Lachren of Mindelan (son of Sir Anders) begins training as a page.
  • The Grand Progress ends.[48]
  • Midwinter:
    • Yancen of Irenroha passes his Ordeal of Knighthood.
    • Faleron of King’s Reach passes his Ordeal of Knighthood.
    • Balduin of Disart passes his Ordeal of Knighthood.

459 [460]


Early Winter/Spring:

  • Elsren of Balitang is born.
  • February: The Third Company begins re-supplying, preparing to head north.
  • Glaisden of Haryse dies in combat, along with nineteen men of the King’s Own First Company.
  • April: The Third Company begins building their fort along the Scanran border.
  • May: Scanrans begin attacking along the coast.
  • June: Scanrans attack in the region of the Third Company; Kel turns eighteen.
  • Mid-August:
    • Scanran army moves in to take Northwatch.
    • Sir Raoul defeats a giant.
    • Kel faces (and defeats) her first killing device.
    • Kel commands Dom’s squad when he is wounded.



  • Alan of Pirate’s Swoop begins training as a page.
  • Mid-September: Encounters with Scanrans drop off.
  • Kel and Raoul head back to Corus.
  • October: Scanrans attack the village of Goatstrack.
  • October/November: Kel helps Shinkokami plan her upcoming wedding, and helps the Third Company recruit new members.
  • Midwinter:
    • Nealan of Queenscove passes his Ordeal of Knighthood.
    • Yuki and Neal reveal their mutual affections.
    • Esmond of Nicoline passes his Ordeal of Knighthood.
    • Seaver of Tasride passes his Ordeal of Knighthood.
    • Quinden of Marti’s Hill passes his Ordeal of Knighthood.
    • Merric of Hollyrose passes his Ordeal of Knighthood.
    • Keladry of Mindelan passes her Ordeal of Knighthood; the Chamber gives her a special mission to fetch the necromancer in charge of the killing-devices.
    • At her knighting ceremony, Kel is given a shield with a distaff border – the first in over 100 years.
    • Alanna gives Kel a sword (Griffin) and reveals that she was the mystery benefactor.

460 [461]



  • March:
    • Scanra has a new king – Maggur Rathhausak united the clans under his rule.
    • Kel goes into the Chamber of the Ordeal a second time; she learns that the necromancer is Blayce, and works with a large Scranran warrior named Stenmun.
    • Roald and Shinkokami postpone their wedding.
    • The Tortallan army mobilizes.
    • Kel finds (and purchases the contract of) Tobeis Boon, an indentured servant.
  • April: Cleon returns home to raise money to aid his flooded lands; he breaks off his relationship with Kel because he is “as good as married” to Ermelian of Aminar.
  • Lord Wyldon gives Kel refugee-camp command; Neal and Merric are to serve under her.
  • Kel helps soldiers and convicts continue building the camp and names it “Haven.”
  • Numair brings refugees to Haven.
  • War is declared between Tortall and Scanra.
  • Scanrans attack Haven with killing devices.
  • The Tirrsmont refugees come to Haven.
  • The Anak’s Eyrie refugees arrive; Scanrans attack.
  • Fort Giantkiller falls.
  • May: Continual minor skirmishes with Scanrans.
  • Irnai stumbles into Blayce’s village, sharing a prophecy about someone who will save them all.



  • May/June:
    • Scanrans desecrate Haven while Kel is reporting at Fort Mastiff.
    • Lord Wyldon gives Kel orders to bury the dead and bring the remainder of her troops to Fort Mastiff; Kel decides to rescue the hostages.
    • Raoul secretly sends Dom’s squad to track (and help) Kel.
    • Esmond, Seaver, Neal, and Merric (and Faleron?) risk treason to track Kel.[49]
    • Tobe and Owen sneak out to help Kel.
    • Sergeant Connic and his group join Neal’s “rescue party.”
    • Kel and Co. rescue the adult refugees; Kel sends them back with Merric, Seaver, and Esmond, and presses on to find the children.
    • Fanche and Saefas join the group.
    • The seer, Irnai, dubs Kel “the Protector of the Small,” due to a prophecy she’d made earlier.
    • Kel and her men rescue the kids, with the help of villagers.
    • Stenmun is killed by Kel.
    • Blayce is killed by Kel.
    • Kel and Co. return to Tortall with the abducted children and refugees from the village.
    • Wyldon gives Kel her next command: to build a new refugee camp.
    • At some point in all of this, Kel turns nineteen.


Late Summer/Autumn:

  • August-ish: Daine becomes pregnant and can no longer function completely as a spy/Wildmage. Her child is a shape-shifter in the womb.
  • Prince Roald and Princess Shinkokami marry.
  • Buri gives up command of the Queen’s Riders to Evin Larse.
  • September: Kel and Neal return to Steadfast for Raoul and Buri’s wedding.[50]
  • Irnai foresees that Neal’s future daughter will try for knighthood, and that his future is littered with surprises.



  • Prior to February: Princess Kalasin has married Emperor Kaddar of Carthak.[52]
  • February: Aly goes to Corus to spend a month with Myles and Eleni.
  • March: Aly returns from a month in Corus with Myles and Eleni.
  • April: Aly and Alanna fight over Aly’s desire to do field work in the spy network.
  • Aly sets sail for Port Legann; three days later, she’s captured by pirates and taken as a slave.
  • In Rajmuat (capital of the Copper Isles), Aly is sold into the Balitang family service.
  • Prince Bronau informs the Balitang family that they have lost favor with King Oron, and are being forced into exile.
  • Kyprioth poses as Mithros in order to convince Duke Mequen and Duchess Winnamine to keep Aly with their family during their exile.
  • Aly makes a bet with Kyprioth: she agrees to keep the Balitang children safe through the autumn equinox. If she does this, he will send her back to Tortall and convince her father to let her be a field agent.
  • The Balitang party roots out bandits en route to Tanair Castle; Sarai and Dove prevent their execution, suggesting a blood-oath of fealty instead.
  • Kyprioth informs Aly that she will learn the crow-language; she is taught primarily by a crow named Nawat. Kyprioth reveals that the crows also have a wager with him.
  • Aly discovers that Veron is spying on the Balitangs for the crown.
  • May: Daine gives birth to her baby.
  • Frasrlund, on the Tortallan/Scanran border, has been under siege – it reaches a stalemate, with each nation occupying a side of the river.
  • Jon lets it slip to Alanna that Aly is missing.
  • Nawat takes on his human form in order to assist Aly.
  • Prince Bronau visits Tanair Castle.
  • Aly is revealed to the four raka protectors of Sarugani’s heirs as Kyprioth’s chosen.
  • The Balitangs are informed (by Aly) of Prince Bronau’s financial situation.
  • Junai Dodeka is chosen to be Aly’s guard.
  • Bronau and the Balitang group go to the village of Pohan; Aly tries to find the mage.
  • June 22 (Midsummer’s Day): Daine and Numair’s daughter has her naming ceremony.
  • June/July:
    • Assassins come to Tanair Castle.
    • Sarai saves her father’s life.
    • The duchess allows Sarai and Dove to continue their weapons training, and takes it up herself.
  • Bronau proposes to Sarai.
  • King Oron dies soon after declaring Prince Hazarin as his successor.
  • Prince Bronau leaves for Hazarin’s coronation, after a tender exchange with Sarai.
  • Ochobu Dodeka comes to Tanair Castle to protect Sarugani’s heirs.
  • Diplomats from Scanra go to Corus to negotiate a peace treaty.[53]
  • George leaves for Rajmuat.
  • King Hazarin dies; the infant Dunevon is crowned king.
  • Prince Bronau tries to kidnap Dunevon, and is charged with high treason.
  • Aly defends Kyprioth before Mithros and the Goddess.
  • Prince Bronau flees to Tanair Castle.
  • Veron is killed defending the castle gate; Lokeji is killed in battle.
  • Prince Bronau attacks and kills Duke Mequen.[54]
  • Sarai and Aly attack Bronau; Dove kills him.
  • The crows take on human form to defend the Balitangs.
  • Prince Rubinyan comes to collect his brother; upon learning the course of events, he asks the Balitangs to return to Rajmuat.
  • George arrives at Tanair Castle, in search of Aly.



  • Prince Rubinyan tells Winnamine that there will be no more unnecessary executions.
  • Princess Imajane declares full mourning regalia to be “disrespectful to the Black God” – only a discrete black armband or black embroidery is appropriate for the mourning of Oron, Hazarin or Mequen.
  • The raka (and Aly) begin seriously planning a rebellion to put Sarai on the throne.
  • Dove pieces the rake conspiracy together; she and Sarai were aware that the raka believed Sarai to be the possible queen, but did not know of the actual conspiracy.



Early Winter:

  • The raka continue preparing for revolution in the Copper Islands.
  • Tax collectors vanish from their beds.
  • Properties are damaged, nobles and overseers are murdered.
  • Sarai refuses to continue her lessons in the sword.[55]
  • Aly builds a cadre of trained spies, consisting of raka and half-raka in their twenties and thirties. She earns the nickname “Duani” – “boss lady.”



  • Aly sends spies to Rajmuat three weeks before the Balitang’s departure from Tanair.
  • The Balitang household relocates to Rajmuat, with Mequen’s Aunt Nuritin.
  • Hunod and Dravinna Ibadun, of Gempang, are executed.
  • Nawat reveals that Kyprioth has made a wager with all of the crows of the Copper Islands, not just the crows of Tanair.
  • Dove is let in on the secret of the planned rebellion, and advises the group not to tell Winna or Sarai, as Winna would likely make Elsren take the blood oath to leave the way for his sister to take his crown.
  • Aly is questioned by Duke Lohearn Mantawu (Topabaw) while the Balitangs go to court to meet the regents.
  • Taybur Sibigat, captain of the King’s Guard, observes Aly’s skill in locating all of his guards in the Throne Hall. He calls her out, but she plays innocent.
  • Tkaa reveals himself at court and gives Aly a message from home.
  • Sarai meets Lord Zaimid Hetnim, the (youngest ever) head of the Carthaki Imperial University Healer’s Wing (and friend and cousin to Kaddar).
  • At Nawat’s request, Ulasim sends him along with some other crows to aid the fighters at Tongkang.
  • The Scanran War with Tortall has ended by this point in time.
  • Alan of Pirate’s Swoop has been taken on as Raoul’s squire.
  • Princess Shinkokami awaits the birth of her first child.
  • Daine, pregnant with her second child, sends Darkings to Aly to aide her in her spying endeavors. Aly immediately puts them to use.
  • The Tortallan Spymaster sends funds to the Copper Islands to support the raka rebellion.
  • A riot breaks out in the streets:
    • Sarai struggles to help the raka, but Aly and Dove won’t permit her.
    • Zaimid heals the raka who are hurt.
    • The other nobles are escorted away from the fray.
  • The Dockmarket, home to the slave market, is blown up magically, and a fire breaks out, destroying the ships. All the workings of Aly and her spies.
  • Duke Nomru is arrested and imprisoned.
  • The young nobles discuss freeing Nomru, but Sarai coquettishly reminds them that they could be captured and punished, and dashes their hopes of success.
  • Governor Sulion of Tongkang is killed (presumably by Nawat).
  • Imajane and Rubinyan hold an eclipse party (re-interpreting standard religion/mythology in order to make it fashionable, no less).
  • Aly’s spies release political prisoners from the Kanodang Fortress.
    • Riots break out in Rajmuat.
    • Topabaw is killed.
  • Imajane and Rubinyan offer a marriage contract between Dunevon and Sarai.
  • Matfird Fonfala’s birthday. The Graveyard Hag prevents Aly from stopping Sarai from running away with Zaimid.
  • Kyprioth lambastes Aly for letting Sarai get away – but she reminds him that Dove is still available and better suited.
  • For three days, all of the raka business and households remain “quiet” – no work, no outings.
  • Royal governors of Imahyn and Kerykun are killed (presumably by Nawat).
  • Imajane and Rubinyan offer Dove the marriage contract with Dunevon.
  • Aly has the army and navy food supplies sabotaged, so the regents will press the merchants for food (at lower cost) and make enemies of them.
  • King Dunevon, Elsren, and three other boys die in a magical storm, on King Dunevon’s birthday.
  • Nawat returns from his mission; Aly and Nawat lose their virginity.
  • During the week after Dunevon’s death, the regent imposes martial law on Rajmuat.
  • Winnamine and Nuritin demand to be part of the conspiracy. Duke Nomru and Imgehai Queshi join in, as well.
  • Tortall and Carthak put the Copper Isles under a trading ban until the king’s murderer is found. Tyra contemplates this action as well.
  • August: A riot breaks out in Rittevon square when assassins try to kill Dove.
    • As the riot in Rittevon square continues, Aly and the raka sneak into the palace.
    • Dove circles above the combat on the kudurang stallion, as a symbol for those who fight in her name.
    • Ulasim kills Rubinyan and dies.
    • Ochobu dies, killing five luarin mages with her.
    • Imajane leaps to her death from her bedroom balcony.
    • Lokak dies.
    • Hiraos dies.
    • Ukali dies.
    • Guchol dies.
    • Eyun dies.
    • Kioka dies.
    • Junai dies.
    • Imgehai Queshi dies in her burning temple.
    • Lord Obemaek dies.
    • Ferdy Tomang loses an eye in battle.
    • Nuritin suffers a stroke.
  • By the end of August, only Ikang and parts of Malubesang and Lombyn resist Dove’s rule.
  • Kyprioth regains his throne (and Mithros and the Goddess are looking for their shields, which he has hidden).



  • September: Dove requests that Aly stay on as her spymaster.
  • Winnamine and Dove receive a letter from Sarai. She is married, pregnant, and planning to visit as soon as she’s able. She plans to name her child Mequen, if it’s a boy.
  • Aly tells Dove, Chenaol, Fesgao, and Winnamine the truth about her origins.
  • October: Foreign delegations arrive in the Copper Isles for the official “Season,” in preparation for Dove’s Midwinter coronation.
  • December: The day after the last day of Midwinter, Dove is crowned Queen of the Copper Isles.


  • Alan comes to the Copper Isles to bring word that the delegation should return to Tortall.
  • Aly marries Nawat and becomes pregnant with triplets.[56]
  • April: The Tortallan delegation prepares to head home.
  • Aly gives birth to triplets.
  • Owen of Jesslaw marries Margarry of Cavall.[57]


[1] The actual dates were determined by counting time backward from our first dated novel – Squire. Every time a season, month or any passage of time was recorded in the test, it was written down and calculated. From the beginning of Squire, I moved backwards through Protector of the Small, then the Immortals, and finally the Song of the Lioness, which ends ten years prior to Wild Magic. This meticulous attention to the source material means that there were many discrepancies discovered in the tests. This timeline is not meant to be a snarky lashing out at Tamora Pierce – her world was created over a long period of time, and accidents happen. I’ve documented the discrepancies in the endnotes in hopes of creating a solid timeline that makes sense – and in some cases I went with my own calculations over Ms. Pierce’s (such as George’s birth – Terrier placed his birth thirteen years earlier than my calculation, which would make him nineteen years older than Alanna than six, as stated in Alanna: The First Adventure.

[2] Tortall follows a classic Northern Hemisphere seasonal cycle, and a fairly traditional Gregorian calendar. Most activity falls during what was known as “H.E.” – Human Era, noting the years after mages removed immortals from the human realm. Midwinter appears to fall in December, as “the longest night of the year,” and Midsummer is on the date of the longest day of the year – so they appear to be based on the solstices.

[3] Tammy has never cited what the dates were called prior to the sequestering of the immortals. I simply call it “Before Human Era” for lack of a better term.

[4] Note that later in haMinch lineage, the “of” is removed from the title. Padraig of haMinch has a descendent known merely as “Padraig haMinch” in the 5th century H.E.

[5] Per Tamora Pierce, this is the “current” book that is currently being filled with new noble families.

[6] Actually, I’m not sure if Rosto was born this year. As of yet, in the Beka Cooper/Provost’s Dog series, there’s no concrete age for Rosto – only Beka’s assessment of how old he appears to be. Whenever I’m going off of an estimation I’ll have a parenthetical question mark beside it. In cases of Song of the Lioness and Protector of the Small, I’ll place students with their year-mates if I don’t have an exact date.

[7] His first wife, Alysy, has died by this time. No specific date given.

[8] At this point in time, slavery is legal in Tortall; the illegality of this slave auction is that it is not government-sanctioned, and therefore not taxed. Later slavery is illegalized in Tortall. During Alanna’s time she sees slaves in Corus, but it does not day if they are Tortallan slaves or foreign, or if the slave trade is illegal but having slaves is not, etc. By Daine’s time slavery is illegal in Tortall.

[9] At this point in time, a mage controlling another person’s action is an illegal activity. There is no other mention of the law in Tortall, though it could still be in effect years later.

[10] Beltane, the holiday modernly celebrated as “May Day,” occurs at different times in various Tortallan series. In the case of Beka Cooper, it’s April 30th.

[11] When I initially counted back the dates from Squire, I went with Alanna’s estimation that George was about six years older than she – as mentioned in Alanna: The First Adventure. However, in Terrier George is said to be six in the year 406 H.E. – which would make him almost twenty years older than Alanna.

[12] Roger was cited as being fifteen years older than Jonathan (per Tammy’s Random Buzz Q&A), so this is actually an estimation based on Jon’s likely birthdate.

[13] It is highly likely that these page-ages are inaccurate because few concrete ages are given. For example, Ralon is first cited as looking “nearly fourteen” (which makes him three years older than Alanna’s “nearly eleven”) – but Jon, who is described as looking “three years older” than Alanna, is also described as looking a year younger than Ralon. For sanity’s sake, I’ve made Ralon four years older than Alanna by year.

[14] Jon is specified throughout most of Song of the Lioness as being two-and-a-half to three years older than Alanna. But he turns nineteen when she’s only fifteen. Yet, in Alanna: The First Adventure, he’s younger than Gary, Alex and Raoul, who are not yet/just barely fourteen when Alanna is eleven. So I’ve thrown all caution to the wind and picked a date – determined by their ages at knighthood – that sort of satisfied canon.

[15] According to an email from Tammy, Alanna and Thom were not given a specific birth date. However, she designated their astrological sign to be Taurus, which indicates an April/May birth. Alanna has her first period in May, shortly before her birthday, which shows that her birthday *must* be in May.

[16] There is no precise mention of Thayet’s date of birth, except that Allan says that they seem to be the same age when Thayet is first introduced in the chapter “The Warlord’s Daughter.”

[17] Per my calculations, I was under the impression Numair was three years older (born in 422 H.E.) but Tammy stated on the Random Buzz Q&A that Numair was 27 when Daine was sixteen, thus placing his birth three years earlier than I’d calculated.

[18] This is documented casually, which means that there is no apparent outrage on Alanna’s part – but at the same time, the fact that she notices it indicated that it’s not unusual to her. Slavery could be illegal in Tortall at this point, if the slave is the property of a traveling foreigner or if there were any kind of “grandfather clause.”

[19] If Jon is indeed three years older than eleven-year-old Alanna, he should be made squire as well. Also, note that post-Midwinter, Jon and “Alan” are alone, which indicates that Francis has been made a squire as well – though it’s not mentioned in the canon.

[20] Ignoring the fact that In the Hand of the Goddess reveals that Roger is not trained as a knight…

[21] This is the first canonical notation of Jonathan’s age

[22] All of this happens between Alanna: The First Adventure and In the Hand of the Goddess.

[23] During In the Hand of the Goddess there are several mentions of Douglass and Sacherell and who they squire; there’s actually a discrepancy – both are mentioned as being Raoul’s squire at one point. Sacherell plies his knight-master (Raoul) with wine at Alanna’s bidding, and later Geoffrey and Douglass are ice skating and it says that “Raoul’s squire was the best skater in the palace, and Geoffrey was quite good for someone reared in Persopolis” (paraphrased).

[24] This also happens between Alanna: The First Adventure and In the Hand of the Goddess.

[25] Gods and constellation-cats have meddled in human lives before; Faithful came to Beka Cooper as “Pounce,” and Beka cited several figures who’d been handled by the Gods: Jehane the Warrior was buried alive; Tamore the Righteous was beggared and beheaded; after driving off the Carthakis, Badika of the Blazing Axe was torn apart in a Carthaki arena.

[26] George later refers to this as happening in June.

[27] Second canonical notation of Jon’s age; note that it’s one year older than it should be according to the first canonical notation.

[28] Daine would have been conceived on the last day of April/first day of May in 435; I checked with a “due date predictor” that said a child conceived on that day (if the mother has a 28-day cycle) would likely be born around January 23rd.

[29] While only Geoffrey and Douglass appear in canon as knights, Tammy confirmed that Sacherell of Wellam did indeed also pass his Ordeal and became a knight of the realm.

[30] Actually, it’s been five years.

[31] Jon refers to “the past months” – no specific dates or weather patterns to indicate the exact passage of time, though.

[32] It never specifically says when Lord Wyldon’s page training begins each year (late September, perhaps?) but Neal’s birthday is one month before that.

[33] Another example of poor time-keeping on a character’s part: she left Port Caynn two weeks after the last day of Midwinter, and she was knighted on the second day of Midwinter.

[34] Mentioned in The Woman Who Rides Like a Man.

[35] In Song of the Lioness, Tammy placed Beltane as the summer solstice holiday. She corrected this in her later books, having Beltane in April/May and having a separate midsummer holiday.

[36] Although we are never informed of the Lord of Tirragen’s death, Alex becomes the Lord of Tirragen at some point between In the Hand of the Goddess and Lioness Rampant.

[37] The Famine of 438 is cited, in Squire, as being the result of Jon’s use of the Dominion Jewel to hold the land together during Roger’s earthquakes. However, when counting the years back from Squire, it turns out that the jewel was not acquired until 439, so I have altered the date for the sake of chronology, and it is more accurately the Famine of 439.

[38] At some point after the end of Song of the Lioness, Coram Smythesson is granted the title of Baron, and the fief Trebond. According to Tammy, the land was given back to the crown upon Alanna’s marriage, and was then granted to Coram.

[39] Tamora Pierce revealed the birth order of the younger princes and princesses on a Random Buzz online Q&A session.

[40] According to Trickster’s Choice, Alianne was born in 446 (as she is sixteen in 462 HE). However, she is cited as being two years younger than Thom, who is six in late summer of 449. Although there is no birthday mentioned in Trickster’s Choice, my guess is that she turns seventeen before the summer ends.

[41] The identity of Vania was revealed on; she was named for a K’miri relative. She is never mentioned by name in canon, but “princesses” are referred to in TC after Kalasin has become empress of Carthak.

[42] At this point, slavery has most definitely been abolished in Tortall.

[43] At this point Raoul’s father is still alive (he’s referenced in Squire); I would think that Raoul keeping the Goldenlake portion of his title would indicate that he’s the heir to Goldenlake, but this is my speculation.

[44] Note that “princess” is singular. This is perhaps a typo, or possibly only one of the princesses was present in the nursery at that time.

[45] In Squire it indicates that Kel has never tilted against a person before, however, in Page it says that during Kel’s fourth year they began tilting at one another, and “If she looked at her opponent’s face, too often it was she who went flying from the saddle.”

[46] At this point, the years start to become confusing… There’s a missing year somewhere within Squire. And therefore until it is “caught up,” these years are double-dated. The first year listed is the year according to the book. The year in brackets denote the other possible year it could be, if the missing year fell before it.

[47] You’ll notice that Kel has magically gained one year. She should be turning sixteen, unless the missing year fell before this one.

[48] Note that it began as the Great Progress and ended as the Grand Progress.

[49] Faleron is in the scene where they decide to join Kel, but does not appear in the actual adventure.

[50] In the summer of 462, Aly refers to Raoul and Buri as being married less than a year, though Kel and Neal left for the wedding on September 10, 460. This is a result of the skipped year.

[51] The year 461 is skipped, because Tammy compensated for the “lost” year in Squire when she set Trickster’s Choice. Therefore, it looks as though Daine was carrying her child for over a year, but was not.

[52] There is actually nothing to confirm the date of Kalasin’s marriage. When she is referred to as Empress of Carthak, in late summer 462, Aly voices no sadness of missing the wedding or wedding preparations of her godsparents’ eldest daughter, when there is reason to believe that their families are close. So I presumed.

[53] The treaty process takes a long degree of time, since according to Tammy’s Random Buzz answers, the war ends in 464 H.E.

[54] April of 463 is described as being six months after Mequen’s death; therefore, this should be taking place in October. However, this is technically impossible, since Aly’s agreement with Kyprioth was through the Autumn Equinox (September) and that has not occurred yet.

[55] In the original publication of Trickster’s Queen, her reason for doing so was because she had beheaded her would-be lover – when actually Dove was the one who killed Bronau. This was corrected in later editions.

[56] The fact that she carries triplets was from a post Tammy made at It’s possible that the pregnancy preceded the marriage, since Alan is sent to the Copper Isles to both retrieve his parents and to attend his sister’s wedding – yet on the morning Aly says goodbye to everyone, her pregnancy is showing slightly. She’s still suffering from morning sickness, though, and once mentioned that she wanted a proper nest before having nestlings – so perhaps Alan’s visit was long.

[57] This is another tidbit offered by Tammy; at a signing she told me that Lord Wyldon’s youngest daughter told her father than she wanted to marry his squire. Then later, on, Tammy made the official announcement (and properly named Margarry, daughter of Lord Wyldon and Lady Vivenne).