Tortall Glossary

Realms, Powers, and Sorrows

Realms of the Universe

  • Divine Realms: Home of the gods, immortals, Dragonlands
  • Living Realms: Mortal earth
  • Peaceful Realms: Kingdom of the dead
  • Chaos

First Powers
Parents to the Great Gods.

  • Father Universe: Created the realms
  • Mother Flame: Created light, stars, death

Three Sorrows
Housed in Divine Realms, but not gods in themselves. Rather, they are forces brought into the Mortal Realms by human excess.

  • Malady
  • Starvation
  • Slaughter

The Great Gods

The Great Gods

  • Great Mother Goddess, the: Goddess of crops, weaving, spinning, women, childbirth, offenses against women, children
    • Three Aspects: Maiden, Mother, Hag
    • Titles: Mother of Mountains, Mother of Waters, Mother of Mares
    • With Mithros, chief goddess of pantheon
  • Mithros: God of mage-craft, war, law, fire
    • Sun-god, brother-consort to Goddess
    • With the Goddess, chief god of pantheon
  • Black God: God of death, ruler of Peaceful Realms
  • Crooked God: God of thieves in Eastern Lands (another name for Kyprioth the Trickster)
  • Smith’s God: God of all smiths, coopers, wainwrights
  • Gainel: Also called the Master of Dream, the Dream King, Dreamer
    • Has one foot in Chaos, one foot in Divine Realms
    • The only Great God who cannot leave Divine Realms or Chaos; can only send his messengers (dreams)
  • Kyprioththe Trickster: Chief of the trickster gods and patron god of the Copper Isles
    • Wind god of all the winds in the Emerald Ocean, including Copper Isles and Yamani Islands

Carthak and Banjiku Gods

Carthak Gods
In addition to the Great Gods.

  • Mynoss: Judge of the underworld and the dead
  • Shakith: Blind goddess of seers
  • Graveyard Hag: Patron goddess of Carthak
    • Rules over graveyards, gambling, practical jokes
    • Sacred Animals and Objects: Hyena, rat, silver dice cup (she cheats)
  • Jihuk: Master of deep desert winds and demons, central Carthak

Banjiku Gods
Southeastern Carthak

  • Lushagui: Goddess who bore them and gave them three gifts: to bind men to beast-people, to know gods, and to be slaves (this last is open to interpretation)
  • Kidunka: Male, the world-snake (wraps around the world), all-wise, Lushagui’s brother

Other Gods

Gods of the K’mir Tribes of Northern Sarain

  • Father Storm and Mother Fire gave birth to the world and the stars, and are parents of the Four Horse-Lords:
    • Bian North-wind: Goddess of trade, sleep, horses (she gave birth to horses), fertility
    • Chavi West-wind: Goddess of cleansing, belief or religion, music, marriage
    • Vau East-wind: God of creation (helped Bian to give birth to horses), travel, strength, truth
    • Shai South-wind: God of magic, volcanoes, sex, healing
  • Grandmother Stone: Goddess of age and time

Gods of the Yamani Islands

  • Yama: Patron goddess, created the Yamani Islands, goddess of childbirth and rice
  • Wave-Walker: Sea goddess, goddess of mercy, can banish storms and keep ships safe (also another name for the Goddess in northwestern Tortall)
  • Sakuyo: Benevolent Yamani trickster god, god of jokes and pranks

Gods of Galla/Scanra/Northeastern Tortall

  • Weiryn: Minor god of the hunt and the forest in northeastern Tortall and in Galla and Scanra; a god who’s one with mountain forests (Daine’s father)
  • Green Lady: Goddess of healing, childbirth, and wells in northwestern Galla (Daine’s mother)
  • Yahzed: Minor god of righteousness and repentance

Gods of the Copper Isles

  • Gunapi the Sunrose: Raka goddess of war and molten rock

Chaos and Animal Gods


  • Uusoae: Queen of Chaos, disrule, uncertainty, imagination, destruction that leads to change and new growth, new opportunities
  • Gatekeepers: Discord, Violence

Animal Gods

  • BadgerBadger god, doesn’t particularly care to have a name
  • Mother Brock: Badger goddess
  • Old White: Wolf god
  • Night Black: Wolf goddess
  • Queenclaw: Cat goddess
  • Bitebone: Cat god
  • Chrrik: Marmoset male god
  • Preet: Marmoset female god
  • Broad Foot: Male duckmole god
  • Paddlebill: Female duckmole god
  • Ghostwing: Goddess of the great horned owls
  • Nighteyes: God of the great horned owls
  • Dawn Crow: Crow god
  • Sky: Crow goddess
  • Ssitak: Striped skink goddess
  • Shhess: Striped skink god
  • Lord Mauler: Crocodile god
  • Crunchbone: Crocodile goddess