Circle Glossary

Gods of the Circle Universe

Gods of the Living Circle

  • Mila of the Grain: Earth goddess of cultivated lands and crops, spinner and weaver
  • Green Man: Earth god of vigorous, chaotic, sometimes destructive growth
  • Asaia: Bird-winged air goddess of birds, intellect, achievement, striving
  • Tuhengri Stormlord: Air god of storms, winds, weather
  • Shurri Firesword: Fire goddess of war, defense, law, justice, martial arts
  • Hakkoi the Smith: Fire god of smiths, volcanoes, earthquakes
  • Yanna Healtouch: Water goddess of healing and love
  • Runog of the Deep: Water god of the oceans, rivers, and streams

Trader Gods

  • Trader Koma: God of the open road, the great steersman, supreme negotiator
  • Bookkeeper Oti: Goddess who keeps the record of life with its debts and credits

Gods Popular Around the Pebbled Sea

  • Lakik the TricksterGod of thieves, mischief, luck
  • Onini: Goddess of flower sellers, orange girls, hairdressers, entertainers
  • UrdaGoddess of midwives and healers not temple affiliated
  • Harrier the Clawed: Patron of law enforcement workers

Yanjing Gods

  • Heibei the Lucky: God of humor and luck
  • Kanzan the MercifulGoddess of healing

Chammuri Gods

  • Lailan of the RainGoddess of healing and water
  • Mohun: God of silence, stone, dark and secret places
  • Shaihun: God of desert, winds, sandstorms, serious mischief and destruction

Namornese Gods

  • Yorgiry: Goddess of healing and war
  • Baion: White god of ice, cold, death
  • EiligGoddess of spring
  • GrianteinGoddess of forgiveness
  • QunocGoddess of motherhood and fertility
  • SythuthanTrickster god of the Syth
  • VrohainGod of judgments and justice

Tharios Gods

  • DeiinaGoddess of entertainers, patroness of Khapik
  • NgohiFertility goddess, west of Tharios
  • All-Seeing, theHead of Tharios pantheon, god of judgment and debts
  • Thanos: God of the dead

Glossary for Shatterglass

  • Akaya (ah-KAI-ah) Square: Beginning of Street of Glass, Tharios
  • Arurim (ah-ROOR-eem): Law enforcement (police) group in Tharios
  • arurimat (ah-ROOR-ee-maht): Police station
  • bik (bihk): Smallest copper coin in Tharios, like the penny
  • Deiina (day-EE-nah): Tharian goddess of performers
  • dhaskoi (DAHS-koy): Male mage
  • dhasku (DAHS-koo): Female mage
  • Elya (EHL-yah): Street near Khapik where Dema works
  • giladha (gihl-AHD-hah): Citizen
  • Heskalifos (hehs-KAHL-ee-fohss): Tharios’s university
  • Hodenekes (ho-DEHN-eh-keez): Tharios’s slum next to Khapik
  • Ithocot (IHTH-oh-kaht): Sea off the coast of Paraki, Tharios’s port city
  • kakoso (KAH-koe-soe): Dung
  • Khapik (KAH-peek): District where plays, music, and dance are performed
  • koria (KOHR-ee-ah): Lady
  • koris (KOHR-ihss): Mister or Sir
  • Kurchal (KUHR-chahl): Empire which once included all the lands between Tharios and Namorn. Tharios was the capital of the Kurchal empire
  • Kurchali (kurr-CHAH-lee): Adjective describing the empire or the common language spoken by the nations that once were part of the empire
  • kytin (KIGH-tihn): A draped garment like a gown, with clasps at the shoulder
  • Labrykas (LAH-bree-kahs): One of the squares in Tharios
  • Lagisthion (lah-JIHS-thee-on: soft j, soft th): University debate hall
  • malipi (mah-LEEP-ee): Haunt or spiritual leech
  • mirizask (MEER-ee-zahsk): stink-maker, scum
  • Noskemiou (nahs-KEHM-ee-oo): Tharios’s giant hospital for the poor
  • okozou (OH-koe-zoo): Short form meaning “no one worth any trouble is involved”
  • Paraki (pahr-AH-kee): Port city connecting Tharios to the world
  • Phakomath (FAH-koe-mahth): University’s tower, symbol of the learning of Tharios
  • prathmun (PRAHTH-muhn: soft th): Outcast class of Tharios
  • shenos (SHEHN-ohss): Foreigner, outsider
  • skodi (SKOE-dee): Marketplace
  • Thanas (THAH-nahss: soft th): “Death house,” morgue
  • Thanion (THAH-nee-on: soft th): Temple where memorial services are held
  • Tharian (THAHR-ee-ahn: soft th): People of Tharios
  • Tharios (THAHR-ee-ahss: soft th): Former capital of Kurchal Empire, famed for its university, the pleasure district Khapik, and its glassmakers
  • Tharite (THAHR-eye-t: soft th): Language of Tharios
  • yaskedasi (YAH-skehd-AH-see): Plural/male entertainer, resident of Khapik
  • yaskedasu (YAH-skehd-AH-soo): Female entertainer, resident of Khapik