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Recommended Reading for Homeschoolers

Here is my list of recommended reading for college preparation, covering roughly what would be covered in the average high school curriculum. I haven’t read all of these: I’m no longer in college prep, for one thing, so I can read what I like.  Knowing that, I also based this list on those I have gotten from my friends who are librarians, and on lists I tracked down online, including American Library Association lists and online High School lists, so that friends who are being homeschooled can be sure they will be able to show they are meeting the same general requirements


Books for People Who Want to Write

The Tough Guide to Fantasyland: The Essential Guide to Fantasy Travel by Diana Wynne Jones (1996; revised 2006). I’ve recommended it before; I’ll recommend it till the cows come home. Reading this book is the best possible education you’ll ever get on things that appear in fantasy novels all the time, including the ones which make no sense, and the ones which are done to death. If you write fantasy already it’s an uncomfortable read, because some of these errors we’ve committed ourselves, but it’s funny, it’s clear, and it makes sense.