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Tamora Pierce Comes to Denmark

The popular American fantasy author Tamora Pierce has made a lasting impact on the entire fantasy genre with her strong heroines and feminist themes. In March 2015, she pays her first visit to Denmark.

Tamora Pierce’s debut novel series The Song of the Lioness from 1983 tells the story of the girl Alanna, who switches identities with her twin brother, trains to become a knight, and proves her worth – despite being ‘just’ a girl. Strong heroines, feminist themes and exciting, well-constructed plots have since become a staple of Tamora Pierce’s fantasy novels, which have now entertained and inspired generations of readers around the globe – including Denmark.

In March 2015, Tamora Pierce will pay her first visit to Denmark, where her Danish publishers, Tellerup, will be proud to welcome her as the guest of honor at Fantasyfestival 2015.


Fantasyfestival 2015

Fantasyfestival is a brand new initiative from The Libraries of Esbjerg Municipality and variety of collaborators. The festival will take place at Esbjerg Conference Hotel on March 7-8, 2015 and will be the greatest event for fantasy enthusiasts ever held in Denmark. It will offer a wealth of opportunities to meet fantasy authors and visit booths and activities covering all aspects of the fantasy scene.

In the days leading up to Fantasyfestival 2015, Tamora Pierce will be available to give interviews to the press in Copenhagen.

If you wish to interview Tamora Pierce during her stay in Copenhagen, please contact:

Michael E. N. Larsen
Phone: +(45) 50 59 63 59