Confluence – Pittsburgh, PA

July 29, 2016 - July 31, 2016

Location: Sheraton Pittsburgh Airport Hotel, 1160 Thorn Run Rd, Coraopolis, PA 15108 (get directions)

Tammy is a Confluence Guest of Honor Emeritus, and generally does a signing, a reading, a Kaffeklatch, panel appearances.


Fast, Furious, and Credible – 8PM, Solstice
Writing good fight scenes–believable weapon use, injuries and tactics–how to do it, who does it well, what jumps the shark.

Reading – 9:30 PM, Equinox


Autographing – 10AM, Registration area

Prince and Pauper – 2PM, Commonwealth East
Why are so many epic fantasies about princes instead of pig farmers? Did everyone really own a horse? How the realities of class/privilege in medieval times affect the epic fantasy we read and write.

Kaffeeklatsch – 4PM, Kaffeeklatsch Room.
Have a small group chat with Tammy! Space is limited, and signup will be available at the registration tables.

How Perfect Can Your Hero(ine) Be? – 7PM, Solstice
Hardly anyone wants to read an author’s exercise in wish fulfillment – but some stories require that the main characters be pretty darn competent. How do you find the right balance?


The Woman Warrior: From Red Sonja to Katniss – 11AM, Commonwealth East
Is is simply that we’re surprised by a women who conquers the odds? What are readers looking for in these characters, and are men and women looking at the same things?


For women and LGBTQi fans, and others concerned about the behavior of some SF fans, where is a posted Code of Conduct on the Confluence website.