Appearances FAQ

Please keep in mind that Tammy’s schedule often starts filling up over a year in advance. If you’re interested in having her at your event, please plan accordingly, as she probably will not be available if you inquire less than six months before the date. The only exception to this is local, short-term or single day appearances.


Do you visit schools, libraries, and bookstores?

I do, indeed, whenever I can. I like visiting schools and talking to readers. (Tell no one, but I also like talking to teachers and librarians.)


How much do you charge for appearances?

My honorarium is a blanket rate of $2,800 per location, per day. This fee covers all of my expenses, excluding air travel, and is due upon signature of a standard contract. School discounts can be arranged via email.

The following should cover my basic needs for school and library visits:

  • Air travel: For trips necessitating air travel, I require two (2) First, Business, or Upgraded Economy class tickets, so that I may bring an assistant. Unfortunately, because of health issues, I can no longer fly Coach.
  • Length of visit: Engagements requiring air travel must be scheduled for a minimum of two (2) days of paid work (see fee requirements above). If the location of the engagement is within a reasonable driving distance from my home, single-day engagements are fine.
  • Scheduling of events: When scheduling multiple events in a day, please allow for a minimum of two (2) hours between events. This will allow me time to speak to members of the audience, or have a conversation with people during book signings. I also require enough time to eat and rest.
  • Familiarity with my books: While I don’t require that students be acquainted with my work before I speak to them, I prefer it, as this can make a difference in terms of how fun and rewarding the event is for both the audience and myself! I also ask for all schools to have students read my webpage biography and my list of published work before I visit.
  • Audience size: I have no limits on audience size and can accommodate groups based on what’s convenient for the people who have invited me to speak. When visiting schools, my preference is to speak to single classes, when possible.
  • Pictures & video: I have no problem with photography, video, or audio recordings being taken during my appearances, and you don’t need to get my permission ahead of time to do any of these things.
  • Signings & autographs: I am happy to do this. Please see the below guidelines for more information.

If you have any questions, or would like to discuss a visit, please e-mail me!


Are there any guidelines for book signings?

  • Please include a Post-it note on the book’s title page with the name of the person I’m signing it for.
  • Unfortunately, due to my health, I do have to put a limit on lengthier messages. At this time, I can put a personalized message in up to one (1) book per reader, but I will sign my name in the rest of your books.
  • If you have a lot of books for me to sign, and there are a lot of people waiting, I can only sign up to four (4), then must ask you to go through the line again. This way, everybody has a chance to get their books signed.
  • If you’re bringing books for family/friends, I will include personalized messages in their books, too, and it will not count against your own personalized message.

Please note that because I like to take some time to speak with every fan individually, and because personalized messages may take some time to write, signing events can run late, despite my best efforts.


Do you do e-visits/online video chats?

Yes! The rates for online video chats and related electronic appearances are as follows:

Thanks to the prep time involved and the fact that I do online appearances at the cost of writing time, the set price for online appearances is $250 for the first hour, $100 for every additional hour thereafter, due upon signature of a standard contract.

Schools receive a discounted rate of $200 for the first hour, $75 for every additional hour thereafter.


Will You Ever Visit/Why Do You Never Visit…?

Regarding why Tammy goes to certain locations and not others, that is very closely related to appearances and invitations. There are certain conventions she goes back to almost every year, thanks to attachments to the location, the con-runners, or due to previous agreements. These conventions include Conbust, at Smith College; Confluence, in Pittsburgh (coinciding with an appearance in Greensburg); Chessiecon, in Timonium (previously Darkovercon); and others as possible.

Though Tammy is a long-standing bestseller, there seems to be an incredible misconception regarding how much money that position entails. She already receives far more invitations to events each year than she can accept, and as a result, gives priority to venues who either offer compensation or agree to arrange travel and accommodations. Tammy does not do pro-bono appearances, particularly appearances that involve a great deal of travel; e.g., appearances outside upstate New York. Further travel restrictions arise from her writing schedule. Tammy does very little travel during the months before project due dates, and even less if she has multiple projects due in a particular window.

If you know of an organization interested in hosting Tammy, the best thing to do is reach out via her business email. Please be aware of the honorarium requirements listed above.

While she loves getting out to visit readers, she’s learned over the years that it’s nigh impossible for her to work on the road. As a result, she only accepts engagements of at least two days of work, in order to fly to a location. If the location of the engagement is within a reasonable driving distance from her home, single-day engagements are fine. She does not attend birthday parties.