Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the different FAQ sections.

Appearances FAQ

Please keep in mind that Tammy’s schedule often starts filling up over a year in advance. If you’re interested in having her at your event, please plan accordingly, as she probably will not be available if you inquire less than six months before the date. The only exception to this is local, short-term or single day […]

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Business and Media Rights FAQ

Do not contact the business account or any other accounts associated with Tamora Pierce LLC in order to request ad space or sponsored link placement. We do not provide these services, and any request for them will be ignored. Who currently holds the option on the Tortall and Circle universes? Who holds the rights to […]

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Publishing FAQ

Where do you get your ideas? How do you start a book or story? How do you deal with writer’s block? How long is a book supposed to be? How can a new writer get an agent? What does an agent do? How can a new writer get a publisher? What if my work is […]

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Why does publishing take so long?

First, please remember that while machines are involved in publishing, those involved in publishing are not machines. Every single person involved in the process has a life with complications, setbacks, personal concerns–not to mention other books they’re working on–and every one of those things can drag out or disrupt the process. Because it is a […]

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Miscellaneous FAQ

When is your next book coming out? What are you working on now/next? Will you sign my books if I send them to you? In some books, there are continuity mistakes. What’s up with this? Would you please put up some spoilers for what’s to come in the current series you’re working on? How do […]

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